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Not Guilty verdict

Client involved in a motor vehicle accident and subsequently charged with OVI and Hit-Skip. The case proceeded to a hearing on the Client's Motion to Suppress - which the trial court granted. The matter thereafter went to trial where the Client was found Not Guilty on both the OVI and Hit-Skip charges.

Felony Assault on a Police Officer reduced

Client charged in Cuyahoga County with Felony Assault on a Police Officer. After a lengthy pre-trial phase of the proceeding, the Defendant pled guilty to a Misdemeanor-4 Disorderly Conduct. He received a $250.00 fine with no probation.

OVI reduced to minor misdemeanor

Client charged in the City of North Royalton with OVI. Prior to trial, the State agreed to reduce the OVI to a minor misdemeanor Unsafe Vehicle offense. Defendant paid a $150.00 fine with no other penalty.

OVI Dismissed

Client charged with OVI - under the influence of drugs - by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. State of Ohio voluntarily dismissed the OVI prior to trial.

OVI reduced to minor misdemeanor

Cleveland man was stopped for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. After the arrest, the Defendant refused to submit to a breathalyzer test. He was charged with his 4th OVI offense. Counsel Greg Gentile filed a Motion to Suppress the field sobriety tests and breathalyzer test refusal. The case proceeded to an oral hearing where the trial court ruled in the Defendant's favor and granted the Motion to Suppress. The Defendant then pled no contest to a minor misdemeanor traffic violation and received a nominal fine.

Cleveland OVI reduced

Underage client involved in car accident and arrested for OVI. Client was taken back to the CPD where the breathalyzer test revealed he was nearly 3 times the legal limit. Attorney Greg Gentile filed a Motion to Suppress alleging there was no reasonable grounds for the arrest. Prior to the hearing, counsel was able to negotiate a reduction to a Physical Control violation - carrying no points on the client's driver's license.